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MAKSAN LIFT Construction Lifts

Turkey Turkey    |   Manufacturer
www.maksanlift.com   |   Tel: +90-312-354 13 65   |   Fax: +90-312-354 13 85
Company Description

It is a passion for some people to live in high places, to feel different and to look at everything from a different perspective. It is an ultimate target and life standard that must be achieved. Some people only work in high rise buildings since they are not content with working on the ground. They aim to create living spaces in high rises. Thus, they make people’s the biggest wish come true, and they make you live near the sky safely. They have a passion for building high rises, so they bond their lives with the sky.

Our passion is to take people, who have fellow feeling for us, higher safely. Thus, we create a safe working environment for them. When people want to start new lives in high rises, we are the first destination for them. From the beginning to the end of a construction, we help workers and give them our wings in order to keep them safe. It is hard work to follow this passion and we know that it requires courage and experience, so we already have everything we need.

That is why we protect life safety of all our business partners we share the same passion. We give Maksan Lift’s wings to our business partners who have a passion for the sky. We help people who want to build high-rises and we do our best by giving them reliable, quality service at the best possible prices.

As Maksan Lift, we have taken lessons from the past. We have analyzed work accidents that occurred before our foundation and their causes in detail. Our statement is to prevent similar accidents in the future with the help of our construction safety products since we take care of our partners who have the same passion with us. That is why we use lots of safety control mechanisms in our products.

As Maksan Lift, we produce quality products, include construction lifts and facade platform systems that are designed to provide maximum safety against work accidents. While we are doing it, we rewrite the rules. Thus, we believe that our determination makes us a leader company that sets new standards in the industry. From design to delivery, we keep whole manufacturing process under control carefully and we use computers in quality checks. Every single detail is important in the construction industry, so we use quality materials, no matter it is a tiny screw or a reductor.

Our team, who were members of a company that manufactured the first movable platform in Turkey, gathered under the roof of Maksan Lift and they have enough knowledge of how to produce construction building efficiently, and they are also sensitive to user needs. We describe Maksan Lift products as “living products”. While we are producing, we always open up our minds to new ideas and we use flexible manufacturing system. We successfully stay in touch with our users; we are in search of better standards; we do what is necessary to prevent work accidents, and we want to make Maksan Lift a world brand.

We always do whatever is necessary to keep up with world brands, so we are always informed about the developments in construction industry, then we can find solutions to problems easily. Thus, we are the leading brand in movable platform systems in Turkey with our product quality and safety.

  • Business Type: Manufacturer
Company Contacts
  • Location: Dağyaka Mahallesi Büyüksaray Toplu İş Yerleri No:8, Kahramankazan  06980 Ankara,
  • Website: www.maksanlift.com
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